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Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is a Canada-wide science based wetland and waterfowl conservation organization. DUC’s National Boreal Program works with a wide range of partners and collaborators to advance wetland and waterfowl conservation in Canada’s 1.3 billion acres of boreal forest. As a member of the Evergreen Learning and Innovation Society’s (ELIS) board of directors, DUC strongly supports the work ELIS is doing to demonstrate innovative practices that can be applied by industry operating in Canada’s boreal forest.

Wetlands are an important component of Canada’s boreal forest and provide valuable ecosystems services such as carbon storage, water filtration, habitat for plants and animals, and recreation opportunities. Ensuring that these services persist while maintaining the economic benefits derived from the boreal requires innovative solutions to avoid and minimize impacts.

Wetland Mapping

DUC is working with the Evergreen Centre to provide opportunities for industry, researchers and others to demonstrate practices that minimize impacts to wetlands. To start, DUC has mapped wetlands of interest on the existing Evergreen property and a new piece of property (see wetland map below).

To map wetlands, DUC used high resolution satellite imagery to identify preliminary spatial boundaries, site visits to determine wetland type using DUC’s Enhanced Wetland Classification (EWC) inventory, and finally LiDAR to refine spatial boundaries of the classified wetlands. Information about wetland type and location can be used to educate visitors about boreal wetlands, as well as provide opportunities to demonstrate practices for working in and around different wetland types. These activities support wetland policy implementation.

DUC and Evergreen Centre invite anyone interested in learning more about boreal wetlands or interested in demonstrating innovative practices for working in these important but challenging systems to contact us.

Wetland Types Found at the Evergreen Centre

Wetland Best Management Practices

DUC’s Best Management Practices (BMP) Program was developed to help industry’s growing efforts to implement practices that support the responsible management of wetlands, waterfowl and waterfowl habitat. Innovative practices can be tested and demonstrated at places like the Evergreen Centre. To learn more about DUC’s BMP Program and activities watch the video below. To help disseminate information about wetland BMPs, DUC initiated the Wetland BMP Knowledge Exchange, a monthly newsletter and now webinar series. Visit the website or subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date on boreal wetland BMPs news, events, and research.

Link to the Wetland Best Management Knowledge Exchange

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