Seed Enhancement Ecological Delivery System

SEEDS Enhanced Reclamation

An alternative method to broadcast seeding or planting may be the incorporation of seeds into a package that will provide favorable conditions for germination and initial seedling growth, and facilitate placement of the package on favourable growing sites at the time of site treatment- usually in the winter.

With funding from COSIA, we have refined such a seed deployment package called SEEDS (Seed Enhanced Ecological Delivery System). It is a delivery system in which seed is encapsulated into a package of beneficial organic materials that will facilitate the germination and emergence of the seed, and benefit the early establishment of the seedling. Product development has progressed to the point where we feel a field research trial is required on a simulated operational reclamation site. The SEEDS system presents the opportunity to increase the success and reduce the costs of plant establishment on reclaimed oil and gas developments given that the packages are deployed in the winter in conjunction with mechanical site treatment.

The purpose of the project is to evaluate the performance of nine SEEDS packages consisting of three recipes, two coating types and two shapes in conjunction with winter reclamation work. Not all combinations of puck configurations are being tested. Funding for the field testing is provided by Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Research and Development.

The project will evaluate seedling emergence and early growth on pucks placed on reclaimed seismic lines located in three topographic positions; lowland (wet), mid-slope (mesic), and upland (dry).


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