ForestSoil Science Ltd. Excavator Plow Demo

October 18, 2018

Dave McNabb from ForestSoil Science Ltd. performed the first field test of a new RipPlow.

Ecological Restoration of Forest Soils AI Project #2470 Jan 2019.PDF

Forest fragmentation results from a variety of forestry and conventional energy sector disturbances that have numerous ecological consequences when not effectively reforested. Restoring sustainable forest communities on these sites is paramount with regards to current concerns and plans to restore caribou habitat. Unfortunately, poor soil quality and microsites for seedling development caused by trafficking has, and is, limiting reforestation and poor juvenile growth on many sites. Previous projects are showing effective ecological soil restoration practices that includes deep soil tillage must be coupled with appropriate reforestation practice to achieve the effective restoration of forest cover on non-regenerated sites.

This project will adapt a recently developed and tested, deep tillage implement for bulldozers for use on tracked excavators. When use on an excavator, one machine and attachment is expected to restore soil quality and create microsites needed for reforestation or natural regeneration, and block access of narrow linear disturbances as appropriate in one pass. The effectiveness and efficiency of the excavator attachment will be measured and best management practices identified. Ecological soil restoration with the implement should also enable the impacted sites to regenerate to a more resilient forest cover, and regenerate similar to the adjacent forest if burned in a wildfire.

For more info, here is a link to the project page.

David H. McNabb, PhD, RPF(AB)
ForestSoil Science Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta